WRA a English learning iphone app.


WRA(Weekly Radio Address) is a English learning application, which is easy-to-use and elegant. Using this app everyday will improve both your listening and reading skills. It also help you to correct your pronunciation.

It is featuring weekly discussion of current events and education of important issues by the President of the United States, one of best resources for English learning.  Updated every Saturday morning!

It can learn at any time, any place you like even in the absence of internet access by downloading the audio and transcript to your device.


★ Features

◆ Latest Weekly Radio Address News.

◆ Watching the video or listening the audio online

◆ Download audio and transcript for offline listening and reading.

◆ Management the download items.

◆ Share to Twitter, Facebook, Sina Weibo

◆ Load More items.

◆ Show download progress and can be cancelled.


This is ideal for

◆ learning current events and education of important issues in the US

◆ Self – Study English

◆ International visitors seeking to improve their American English language skills

◆ People considering studying in the United States

◆ ESL / English tutors

Thank you all for your continued support! 

If you have comments or suggestions to help us make it better, please let us know by leaving a review!

★ Notice

◆ The videos in the app are from YouTube. If you can’t connect YouTube in your region, the videos can’t play.

◆ If you don’t have enough free spaces on your device, iOS will automatically delete your downloaded audios, you have to  re-download them. This is the system rule!


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